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What I’m Reading Now:

Agile Testing by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory

Loving this book already!

Already Finished

Mythical Man Month- Frederik Brooks

This was a classic, the basic principals are still totally valid. Check out my review here.

Software Testing Techniques by Boris Beizer

Review coming soon…

How to Break Software – James A. Whittaker

Lots of practical advice here on common attacks and how to apply them. Even if the attacks provided don’t exactly fit with your project, the mindset behind the attacks can serve as a spring board for other ideas that you can apply to your specific testing situation. The CDs included give some programs for environmental testing, but only run on windows and are of limited use (for me).

Lessons Learned in Software Testing

This book was fantastic. It is insightful, knowledgeable and applicable. You can dip into it for a few lessons or sit and mull over whole sections. The lessons in this book provide testing basics, career choices, management and It is a valuable resource for any tester or development team. I highly recommend it.

Teach Yourself Linux

This was a very basic book, it provided a good history of Linux and and overview of how to get one set up and make the transition from PC to Linux. There are a few short sections on shell scripting and getting comfortable with the command line, and lots of info on what software is available, but it is more about how to do general computing on Linux, and not how to be a power user. It is perfect for getting comfortable with Linux basics, but will not be the only book needed to learn how to test through the Linux command line, query databases or run load tests (which is mainly what I need Linux for so far). It is a good, low cost introduction.


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  1. Thanks for this idea,even I will create a page for book shelf 🙂
    –Dhanasekar S


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