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Litmus: Friend or Foe

I use Litmus quite extensively for cross-browser testing. We have done some email testing with it, but not nearly as frequently as we use it for basic site testing.
In general the concept is great. Simple, easy to use, clean. When it works, it provides useful screen-shots from almost any browser of your choice

Its email testing client is also awesome. This service feels more robust and has been improving in the past year and a half or so I’ve been using Litmus. ( in fact, I wrote an earlier review of Litmus when I first started using it- but as time went by, I felt I had more to add to a review of the tool than I did initally) It seems to me the company may be moving in this direction. While I do like the email tests, I hope they don’t abandon page testing all together.

starting a new page test for cross browser testing


But on the Website testing front, can litmus be used reliably for cross browser results? My biggest complaint is that anything on staging loads so slowly, that often whole sections of the page don’t display properly. It also only clears one level of basic auth, so sites that require more than that will not run.
I think with a few tweaks and clean ups, it could offer a much more robust service to what is already a useful too.
For example, I can send a link to the screenshot result, but I can’t annotate it. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to point out specific areas of concern to developers in a neat, clean way?

Not all browsers offer full page scrolling. That means that sometimes, only the top of the page is visible on the test result.

Offer better support for mac browsers. For some reason, mac browsers always come back with an error and you have to run them multiple times to get them to work. This limits the effectiveness of the test suite.

Overall, this is a useful tool, and I haven’t found anything better to get in full cross-browser testing. However, it does have a few short comings that make working with it more cumbersome and less useful than it could be. It does seem to be getting updates and developing- so hopefully some of these issues will get addressed.

Does anyone else use this tool? If not, what have you found for cross browser testing and do you find it effective?


New Year, New Site

So for 2011, this blog will be getting a makeover. New title, new theme, new posts and last but not least- a new address. I have decided to try hosting my own blog. Does one successful Rails class and an automated test suite qualify me to host my own blog? I guess we’ll find out!
I spent the last weekend settling on a domain name, Everyday QA, migrating my old posts and comments over and learning some basic html editing. I will be setting up forwarding from this site once I’m ready to do the big switch. For now, head on over to the new site- and let me know what you think! I’d love feedback on how it looks and what should be changed.

I hope you all enjoy the new site and I look forward to getting lots of new posts and information up!

Job Opening in the QA department

We’re hiring for a new QA team member at Agora! I’ll post the job info here, in case anyone knows of a great candidate. Check out our website for more information about life at Agora.

Quality Assurance Analyst

Agora Games (, a subsidiary of Major League Gaming (, develops online video game technology and web communities for game developers and publishers. Our technology makes compelling information available to players both in-game and online, while providing publishers with a wealth of demographic information. Over 28 million unique players are tracked by our system and billions of bits of data are spread across a cutting edge virtual computing platform. Our portfolio includes work on titles including Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, and Transformers, and we cross all the major gaming platforms.

Agora is seeking a Software Quality Assurance Analyst to join our QA team. We test software for MLG’s websites and our proprietary programs, designed to enhance the community experience around some of the top video games. In this position you will be expected to work closely with developers in an Agile environment to deliver quality products. You will provide feedback about response under projected load, risk areas, and overall experience of the application.


Duties and responsibilities:

Automated and manual and load testing using Selenium, Siege, Jmeter

Write and execute test cases

Keep automated tests up to date and debugged

Provide feedback on features during sprints

Ambiguity Review of requirements and technical documentation

Report detailed and accurate bugs and follow them through to verification

Interpret requirements from various sources and apply basic testing philosophies and heuristics to test software at different stages of the development process.


* At least 1 year experience in the software QA field

* Experience testing with Selenium, or other automated testing tools.

* Basic experience with a scripting language

* Familiarity with unix

* Interest in working on-site at our office in Troy, NY.

The ideal candidate will have:
* Attention to detail

* Analytical mindset

* Experience testing web properties

* Love video games!

* A proactive mindset and be able to multitask and prioritize requirements.

* Experience with Agile development methodologies

* Must be self-motivated, posses excellent communication skills, and be a team-player.

* Competitive salary and benefits

* Work with an experienced, successful, intelligent team

* Be an integral part of a growing, fast-paced company where your work will make a true impact

All applicants should submit their resume and cover letter.

We want to hear from you! Agora values excellence, passion, integrity and creativity. Submit your application to