DiffMerge for Text Update Testing

I just started using a Diffmerge for testing text updates to websites. It allows a graphical comparison of two text files and it highlights the differences between them. This is proving incredibly useful for big text updates to the websites I test. All you do is save a copy of the specification document with the new wording and then save a notepad of the text that appears on the site in staging. It will do the careful checking for you and clue you in to any inconsistencies.

If you have a lot of text updates, especially if they are legal notes or terms of service, it can be hard to catch every little error no matter how careful you are. This tool is easy and helpful and it gets you back to the functionality areas of testing quickly.


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  1. Posted by Jim Hazen on March 5, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    You should also look at “Compare IT!” (http://www.grigsoft.com). A very nice and low cost (shareware) Diff tool that allows you to control how and what you do the compare/diff on. It also allows you to output your diff map to an HTML file for archival, and it has a command line interface so that your Automation may call it during a run. A lot better than WinDiff.


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