Test Link Review


If you search for test tracking and management software, you will run into Test link. Testlink, though far from perfect, does some pretty cool things. I love any excuse to try out a cool new program (Which is the best part about working in a tech environment, isn’t it?) so I decided to give it a shot.  I used to keep track of my tests on proprietary software and open office spreadsheets, but the organization offered by testlink moved my whole testing approach to a new level.

The Good:



requirements management

requirements based testing

result reporting

central location for assigning, approving and executing tests

Open Source and written in PHP, so it can be adjusted for your specific project

The Bad:

It is a bit clunky to use

Minor bugs and unfinished features

Isn’t set up for a ton of integration- but there is an API

The results:

Testing process has been opened up for anyone on the project to be aware of what QA is working on. Communication between QA and Devs has improved, and the approval process is much easier and more organic than holding a big meeting. Test link has the potential for seamless integration with bug filing and requirements management, helping to carefully order and maintain a tester’s world. It doesn’t come pre-linked to much, but the site does offer some instruction for that. It does offer a good user guide and a pretty active community for support.

You can input your documents (I haven’t found a way to do this automatically, but manually putting them in does ensure that you do careful ambiguity review) and then link each requirement to a test case, or generate test cases right from the requirement. The execute section can accept xml results and notes. Testlink automatically generates test plans, test reports with data from the system, so you can put out a document that shows your test plan, and then gives overviews of your test cases and tracks the requriements. It has been extremely useful for increasing transparency in the QA department and keeping everyone involved with the process. There is a way to create custom fields that I have been using for test plan approvals and linking to bugs filed.

In all, it is a great program- that could use some finishing tweaks and an UI overhaul. I can look past its flaws though for the functionality it provides. I’ll admit it- I love testlink.

Also read this post here: http://blog.agoragames.com/2010/10/07/testlink-bringing-order-to-testing/


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