QA Toolbox

There are a ton of tools out there for testing. Every project has a multitude of options to chose from and configure, from open source to subscription services to paid software. When I was trying to chose which programs to get the QA department started with, I spent hours researching what was available, demoing products and trying to figure out what was the right match. It is an ongoing process, and I plan to keep adding to/adjusting our tools as I learn about more things.

My criteria were:

1. open source, if possible

2. Easy to use, time is always short, and I don’t want anyone to waste time on a difficult program

3. Able to integrate with tools we already use: IM, email etc, to make it as seemless as possible

4. Usable/viewable by the whole team – to keep with agile transparency practices.

So far, I have found some really great programs, I will go through each one in more detail in the coming days, but here is the list of what I’m currently using.


1. Testlink – love this program! It is an open source test tracking and test management tool.

LightHouse 2.  Lighthouse– a very simple ticketing system with a good API

3. Litmus – a subscription based browser compatibility program

4. Selenium – for our front end web testing

…Stay tuned for full reviews!


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